Income Tax NRI may have to file Indian income taxes based on their Indian income. Ask your questions here.
Dollar Life Dollar dreams seen from the eye of the NRI that has ful-filled the dream!<br> Like it or not, dreams do come true
Transcripts We try to list the process and links relevant for specific Indian Universities to get Degree/Mark-sheet transcripts in sealed Envelope.
Power of Attorney Power of Attorney (POA) is nothing but a simple document which lists out the powers that you want to share with the POA holder. It is primarily used by NRI (Non-resident Indians) to manage their property in India. Ask your questions here.
Custom Duty Custom duty charged in India for exporting mobile, laptop and other electronic items from USA/UK or other countries. You can ask your questions about importing (if you are in India) or exporting (if you are in USA) here.
Passport Renewal Indian Passport renewal in USA after 10 years – Ask Questions for re-issue of passport with Cox and Kings for Indian consulate in Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago and SFO Indian consulate.

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