Printing of US address on passport - Select change of address option?

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Hi Anil,
Thanks a lot for your last response. It was really helpful.

Indian address proof required if printing US address on Passport?

I was wondering that if i choose to get my US address printed on the passport, do I need to provide any address proof for India?
My current passport has the Indian address.

CKGS advised to apply for change of address first

Unfortunately, as I pointed out in my last question it does not have the PIN CODE and the STATE mentioned.

The CKGS representative mentioned that it is mandatory to enter the PIN CODE and STATE, and if it is not mentioned in passport, I will need to apply for change of address under misc. service, and provide Aadhar card as proof.

I do not have a government bank account in my name in India (I have a joint SBI account with my mother), nor a driving license.
The problem is that in my Aadhar card, my father’s middle name is missing. Will this cause any trouble ?

What option to choose for change of address when printing US address?

In order to bypass this issue I was thinking of getting the US address printed on my passport.
But in the passport application form, when I click on change of address by default it goes to the change of Indian address, and asks for photocopy of Aadhar card in the document checklist.

Right now I am choosing change of address in misc, and ticking on print US address.
Is this the way to move forward.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

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Indian address proof is NOT required with US address printing

You do not need to provide any Indian address proof if you opt for printing US address on new passport.

Choose ‘Change of Address’ in CKGS form for US address printing

Use this sample to select correct options when you want US address to be printed on new passport:

Let me know if you need more information.

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Thanks Anil. So am I correct in selecting change of address under misc. service, and then selecting USA as the address to be printed ? Or should I tick “OR If you do not want these services select NO” and just click USA near the box for “address to be printed on passport” ?

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You should first select ‘Change of address’ and then select ‘US address to be printed’.

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