New York Indian Embassy Power of Attorney Attestation Experience

(Vibhor) #1

I got my POA attested yesterday at Indian Consulate New York office by following steps you mentioned in article. Few observations I would like to mention:

  1. Fee they charged was $22. Remember, now a days they are only accepting only cash.
  2. I approached Bank of America for notarizing power of attorney document. They mentioned that they are not authorized to notarize POA. Not sure, why!
  3. Go early and get your attested document early. They were taking the documents and returning attested documents back in 30 to 45 mins slots.
(Anil Gupta) #2

Thanks Vibhor. It is valuable information.

(Kiran Khare) #3

My niece who lives in OHIO, properly apostilled her POA and sent it to NY consulate.

The Consulate only stamped the POA on Page 4 (the last page). Other pages were not stamped. The POA could not be registered in India because pages 1 thru 3 were not stamped by Consulate.

The POA is needed in India as early as possible for sale of a property. She called Consulate and they said that it is their practice to stamp only the last page. What could she do to make it acceptable in India?

An early response will be appreciated.

(Anil Gupta) #4

Consulate can stamp any number of pages provided you pay for it.
Did she specifically requested to stamp all pages and then paid for each page separately?

The things might not be in control if they mail the documents. If your niece can visit in person to NY consulate, they will probably do it.
As per my experience, when i visited NY consulate and asked for it, they had told me that they charge single fees for all pages in a document. That’s probably the reason they only stamp once too.

I always advise people to get all pages stamped as I know that some things are not acceptable in India.

You may have to go through embassy once again in USA. or may be bribe them in India :slight_smile:

(Ankur) #5

I just got 2 power of attorneys attested today at the Indian consulate in new York (5th avenue).

  • They did not ask for any photos.
  • They did not ask for any public notary notarization for witness signature (even though I got that done and carried it with me).

These are the documents that they needed from me:

  • 2 copies of the power of attorney typed or written on plain paper
  • 2 witnesses has to sign your power of attorney. they dint even care who the witnesses were. So probably even if i had scribbled 2 signatures, they were fine with it.
  • They will need your original passport + copy of all printed pages in your passport including USA VISA page
  • They also need one copy of i 94
  • One copy of i797
    they did not ask me for originals for 797 and I94
    And they accept only cash It is $21 for one power of attorney
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(Arumalla Tejaswini) #8

Hi Ankur,

Is witness signature required for sure?
Because i spoke to someone from the consulate and they told they only require Passport, 2 passport size photos and proof of address

(Anil Gupta) #9

Hi @arumalla_tejaswini
If you do not get witness signature now, you will need to get them in India.