Notarization of Address proof and i797 in california

I am trying to renew my child’s Indian passport here in California.

The CKGS document checklist states that the copies of residence proof and i797 need to be notarized and submitted.

However, notaries in California are stating that they cannot verify originals or certify that originals are verified. What should be done in this case?

One of the bank’s notary suggested that we can submit an affidavit stating that true copies of xyz documents are submitted along with the application and the applicant is in possession of the originals.

Are you aware if this works or if this is how it is accepted in SFO consulate in california?

People who renewed before Dec 2018 I believe didn’t face this issue as the checklist did not show that these documents have to be notarized then. This seems to be new.

You should check with a private notary (non-bank) as they do notarize documents .

Yes checked with non-bank Private notaries also, they don’t notarize any documents as verified from original in California. I was told this is not allowed in California and they only notarize signatures. So they suggested that I get a document where I swear that the documents are copies of the original, which they can then notarize.

So, you can sign on the document and then they can notarize it.

What’s the problem in it?

I wanted to confirm if that document works and is acceptable since the checklist mentions something like this
“Residence Proof - color copy notarized and stamped”

The document copy with notary signature will work.

Its not that simple. You cannot sign on the document copy itself. It has to be a separate sheet of paper on which you state and sign that the attached copy is genuine. So it raises legitimate concerns whether this is accepted by the Indian agencies. Why reply (that too with an attitude) when you don’t understand the question and don’t know the answer?