Indian PCC Personal particulars form - Present and permanent address with police station?

Hi Anil,

How do i go about the Personal particulars form in SFO embassy?
I am very confused about section 8), 9) and 10)

Can you help here ?

anyone else has done it recently through sf consulate ? I tried to call them regarding details but no one is responding.

Personal Particular Form for Indian PCC - Address and Police Station information

Use the following values:

8(a) Permanent Address & Tel. No.along with Police Station

8(a) = Your Indian Address with the Police Station name that caters to your Home Address location when you were residing there.

8(b) Present Residential Address & Tel. No, along with Police Station and residing since

8(b) = You can either give your Parent’s/or your same 8(a) address.

9 If you have not been resident at the address given at COLUMN 8(b) continuously for the last one year, please furnish other address(es) with duration(s) resided (Please furnish an additional set of P P Forms for each address with Police station.

  1. Write your US address

10 References: Names and Addresses of two responsible persons in the applicant’s locality who can vouch for the applicant

  1. Write any two neighbors/relative address from India residing near your Indian address you wrote in point 8(A).

Does that help?

Thanks Anil. Thank you for clearing the confusion on 8)
However, for 9) I have 2 doubts.

  1. I have been living in US for about 10 years now. Do i have to fill all the addresses with additional PP forms ? It says “Please furnish an additional set of P P Forms for each address with Police station”

  2. Do I have to supply the police station information. I have many police station near me. Do we give the address or just the name (for e.g. San diego police department) ?

Appreciate your help…!!!

1. No. You do not need to furnish additional PP forms.

Embassy is only concerned with Indian addresses and their police stations. Remember, this PCC is only for your stay in India and not for US.

2. US police station information is NOT required.

Whatever Police station was attached to your locality in your Indian residence time is what is needed.

By the way, if you are living in US for 10 years, why do you need an Indian PCC?

For most of the immigration, only last 10 years of PCC is required.
If you are in US for last 10 years, then you would need FBI Clearance only.

Hi Anil,

I should have said almost 10 years, few months still remaining on that.
Anyways, my wife would need it anyway. Thank you very very much for clarifying this.


Great. You are welcome.

Hi Anil,

I recently changed my US address, what additional documents do I need to provide to answer field 9 in PP form?


Hi @stan

There are no additional documents required apart from address proof.