Passport renewal - Valid address proof

Hi all, my passport is going to expire in Sep 2022. I recently moved to SF and have rental agreement signed by DocuSign. I do not have a utility bill on my name yet. I am traveling to India on Jan 14 and have a visa appointment on Jan 24 for drop box. I have two questions regarding my passport renewal.

  1. Can I attach a letter from my fiancé whose name is on the utility bill and also the e-rental agreement as a house address proof? Anyone who has done this before? The reason I am asking is VFS did not accept e-rental agreement as valid address proof in India.
  2. If this does not work, can I get my passport renewed in India after my visa stamping. Does the passport need to be valid beyond six months after the I-797 expiry for stamping or that applies only to enter into United States?

Thank you for your help!