Will SkillSelect increase my work experience automatically after ACS assessment?

Hi Anil,

ACS assessment after date

My ACS assessment says that employment considered after July is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level.

So now the point in EOI is calculated as 10 as experience is <8 years (On 7th July I completed 10 years in total and 2 years got deducted by ACS and my EOI submission date is 15th of July).

Will my experience be counted as 8+ to get 15 points automatically?

If for any draw in or after August will the experience be counted as 8+ and can I get 15 points then?
Kindly advise how does this works.

Points will increase if you leave the current employment end date BLANK

Your points will increase to 15 automatically if you leave the current employment’s END DATE empty in Australia SkillSelect EOI application.

There is no clear guidance from Australia immigration if they will count the time between ACS assessment and current date (when their PR draw takes place).

If you do leave the current employment’s end date blank, the SkillSelect will automatically update your work experience and give you 15 points though.

Australia SkillSelect’s official helpline - No idea!

I had called Australia SkillSelect’s official helpline and they had no idea about what END date to place for current employment.
But, the only caveat is if visa officer will count your increased points as valid while working on your visa application or not.

I have explained this point in detail here earlier:

Current employment date is NOT left blank

The current employment time is not increased automatically if you put end date in the current employment.

People on many other forums do suggest to keep the end date for current employment empty to get more points.

I would also suggest to keep the current employment’s date BLANK, if you are still working for them.

I have the same question as per ACS my relevant experience will be counted after Sep, 2010.
That means starting Oct 1st, 2018 I am eligible for 8+ exp (i.e. 20 pts). I read at blogs that leave the end data empty and system will calculate the points automatically. Wanted to know:

  1. is it still valid and how soon it will recalculate (I assume we will get the email notification from system as soon as it updates EOI)
  2. what if I create a new profile (I assume that time it will take points according to 8+) and let my old profile also remains in system (will remove the old profile if I get the invite with new one)
  3. Will there be any difference in date of effect if:
    A)system recalculates the point on Oct 1st.
    B) I update the existing applications manually.
    C)I create new profile with updated experience.

Below is what I can see in review application pdf from existing EOI

PS: currently I have 70 points for 189(developer programmer) and after starting Oct it will be 75



No email is sent by SkillSelect

As per my experience, no email is sent by SkillSelect for any automatic increase in points.

The points are increased only when you go in and ‘Submit’ the EOI again with increased points. The date you submit EOI again is counted as your ‘Date of effect’.

Date of Effect” is what is considered in the invitation draw along with points.

So, my suggestion is to go and edit your EOI on Oct 1st (or whenever you think you will achieve 75 points) and ‘Submit’ it again.

ACS start date - use the date that you filed your ACS application

ACS report only shows the name of the month as ‘AFTER SEP 2010’ even if you filed report sometime at the start or middle of Sep.

In this case, you can use the START DATE to claim your points as ONE day after the date you actually filed for ACS report.

Example, you filed for ACS report on 5th Sep 2018 and ACS gave ‘AFTER SEP 2010’ start date based on the last 10 years (after deducting 2 years).’

You can use the START DATE as 6th Sep 2010 instead of Oct 1st, 2010 to get the benefit of 25 MORE days for your total work experience.

More information:

Create a new EOI with updated experience

You can create a new EOI with updated experience but it is of no use, as per my opinion.
It is better if you create a separate EOI and then select a specific state in the new one like NSW to get their invitation too.

Let me know if you need more information.

Hey Anil,

Thanks for detailed answer. I will be going to update the existing one now.
last point where you mentioned open separate EOI for specific state – what is the reason for that.

Also I have not yet added added 190 in my current applications (this is specifically for 189)

If you are only looking at 189 visa, then an extra EOI is not required.

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Hey Anil,
Thanks for the information. Its already updated and as you said I have not received email. But the correspondence section says it was updated on Sep 28 (last working day) and now the date of effect is updated to 28/09/2018. Below is the screenshot.

updating here so that can be useful to someone else following your posts.

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Ok…so basically, EOI updated automatically to 75 points for you on 28 Sep?
Is it?

That is good information. I did not see this behavior with my application :slight_smile:

yeah correct automatically.

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Hope you are doing fine @Anil_Gupta. Could you please clarify the below as it is lilltle tricky.

Experience : more than 8Y+ from July 2010 but with 2Y and 1Month employment break in the 10 years.
ACS start date : July 2010
EOI submission date : 01 Sep 2020
Note : While submission it did not take from July 2010 , it considered from Sep 2010. So i did not have full points for experience. I had 7Y and 11Months.
Question : Should my experience after EOI be considered to be accumulated and reach 8+ ?
while accumulation, does it still calculate latest 10 Years or will it add extra months after EOI submission ? Cz if it considers latest 10Years, I will never be able to secure 8Y as i had 2Y1M break in last 10 years …

It is Nov 2020 and still i do not see any change in correspondence.
Kindly clarify the confusion.