ACS Skill Assessment for Primary and Secondary applicant

Hi Anil,

I completed my B.Sc(Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in July-2001 and MCA in May-2006. Started my career in IT from Feb-2007. So I have total 12.3 years of experience. I have to get 15 points of experience.
How many years ACS will deduct if :-
I apply only with with MCA degree ?
I apply only with B.Sc degree ?

My wife completed M.Sc (IT) in Jan-2017 but did not join any company. Her degree in IT so I believe we are in same ANZSCO code (261313).
Can she get ACS positive assessment without having any work experience. (to get 5 extra points)

Can anyone please reply on this post.
@Anil Please answer my question. Its bit urgent.

ACS will either deduct 2 years from last 10 years or 4 yrs from your total 12.3 years based off n whichever gives you better date.

Minimum 2 years of work experience is required to get positive ACS assessment for work experience.
You can try for your spouse ACS assessment.

If minimum 2 years of work experience is required to get positive ACS assessment than what is the advantage to try spouse ACS assessment?
I need 5 extra points for PR. Can I get it without her work experience?

You cannot claim spouse points without spouse assessment.

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I understand your point but here is one confusion.
I know, without her positive assessment, we will not get extra 5 points.
and her positive assessment is not possible because she does not have work experience.
so is it really worth to apply her ACS assessment.

or simply say, Is partner’s work experience is must for positive ACS assessment?

I suggest to apply ACS assessment now without waiting and then file EOI.

Keep the current job’s end date blank while creating Australia EOI.

This way, your work experience will automatically increase with time and you will get more points as and when your work experience reaches next level.

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Hi @Manish_Dadhich
Are you sure you have replied on correct page?

I am not able to understand the context of yoir question.

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

My simple question is… my wife has completed M.SC (IT) degree but she did not work anywhere. If she apply for ACS assessment without work experience, will she get positive result of ACS?

If answer is yes, means ACS provide her positive result for education and negative result for work experience, but overall ACS assessment result will be positive.

If answer is no, means she get positive result for education and negative result for her work experience. and overall ACS assessment will be negative.

I am concern about it because we want her ACS positive result so that when we apply for EOI, we can get extra 5 points for partner skills.

I hope this time i am very much clear to you. :blush::relaxed:

As per my information, ACS should give positive result for your spouse’s ANZSCO code using her work experience to claim the spouse points.

Did your wife got positive skill assessment? What was the final outcome?