What is Certified Copy for Australia visa?

Certified Copy - Notarize

Certified copy simply means the attested copy by either notary or a relevant authority in your country of residence.


  1. In India, Notary or first class gazetted officer can use their stamp and signature to certify a Xerox (photocopy) of original documents.
  2. In USA, the public notary is available with public banks like Bank of America, Chase etc, including mail companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx for a fee.

Sample Certification stamp

These are sample notary stamp as used in USA.

Stamp 1: This stamp is mandatory to show the Notary’s validity and registration number.
Stamp 2: The content of the stamp mentioning the document type can also be written by hand.

Sample notary stamp for ACS Australia documents
Sample notary stamp for Australia 189 - 190 visa documents

Certification / Notarization requirements

  1. Should be marked as ’ CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF ORIGINAL '. - Either you can write this by hand or use a rubber stamp (as shown in above image).

  2. Should have Notary signature.

  3. Should have Notary official stamp.

  4. Should have Notary date of signing. Date format: dd/mm/yyyy If using any other date format, then write date with month in English letters like 4 Apr, 2018 .