Member of Family Unit, Evidence of - Australia 189 / 190 Visa

Evidence to prove Member of Family Unit

Provide evidence that you are a member of a family unit.

You can use a certified copy of your family book/household booklet/family composition or adoption document.

Evidence of Family Unit for Spouse

Use Spouse Passport (first and last page) if it has applicant name listed.

Example, in India passport, the Husband or wife’s name is written on the last page of the passport.
This can be used as an evidence of Family Unit for Spouse.

Evidence of Family Unit for Child

Child BIRTH certificate can act as proof of the family unit if it has father and mother name.

Child’s passport, if mentions that parent (applicant) name can be used an evidence of family unit.

Evidence of family unit - Certified copy

Evidence should be a certified copy of original.

I dont have my spouse name on my passport. Will marriage certificate and joint financial statements be enough as proof of my spouse being “member of family unit”?

Hi @Gagan1
Marriage certificate is good enough to prove member if family unit for spouse.