Generate HAP ID for medical before submitting visa application

Hi Anil,
Please ignore the previous query.

How to generate HAP ID before visa application submission?

Kindly let me know if it is possible to generate HAP ID for 189 application, before submitting the application in immi account and payment of fees?

In documents checklist there is one section where I am asked to upload medical assessment form but I am not able to find the link in my immi account to generate HAP ID?
Or first I have to pay fee and submit application and then only can apply for medical assessment.

Generate HAP ID

Follow these steps to generate HAP ID before visa application submission:

Note: You must have an ImmiAccount in order to use My Health Declarations.

Thanks Anil for your help.

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Hi Anil,
No issues will be there if i generate HAPid before submitting my visa application?
Also, after generating HAP id can I link to my current visa application which is in draft status?

No issues with generating HAP ID.

You have not told yet that you got the invitation or you are just preparing everything before the invitation?

I am assuming you have got the invitation.

Yes Anil, I have got invitation but would take few days to submit visa form. So as of now planning to complete medical assessment first. So seems this is an alternate way applicable as well.

That’s good.

Would you mind sharing your EOI date of effect, points that you had and the ANZSCO code (only if you are okay, else ignore).

Hi Anil,

Please find the below details.
DoE - 21st July, points 75 and 261313.

Thanks @jayabrata.nitjsr.
We appreciate it.

Hi Anil,

Can you please suggest if the address in passport is different from where I am living currently​, will that be an issue?
In form 80, we have to fill all the places where we have stayed in last 10 years. So should I give passport address or current address as given in AADHAR.

Thanks in advance.

Different passport address will not make any issue.

For all the places that you have lived in past 10 years, use the address that you have really lived at.
Aadhar address will probably be your current address. But, it could be different too if you are currently outside India.

So, just write the actual addresses irrespective of what is mentioned in passport or aadhar.

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I got an invitation for 190… trying to generate HAP ID before submitting application & paying fee.
But the drop-down does not show ‘subclass 190’
Can I generate ID for visa subclass 189&use it for 190??

Hi @Drish
You can choose 189 and generate HAP ID for 190.

But, i strongly recommend to first submit your 190 visa application and then generate HAP ID. It is easier.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the suggestion…

I have generated HAP ID for 189( though I’ve not received any invitation for 189)…

Is it still possible to generate HAP ID again for 190 upon submission of 190 visa application?



HAP ID is attached to your immiaccount. If you have already generated for 189, you can use them.