Apply for State sponsored 190 visa separately or is picked up automatically with 189 EOI?

If I apply for skill select 189 category, can I be considered for state sponsorship VISA as well? Or do I have to separately apply for state sponsored visa?

Hi @jayabrata.nitjsr

Option to select multiple visa types including 190 at EOI submission

You are given an option (at Step 3 of SkillSelect EOI process) while filing your SkillSelect 189 EOI to submit your profile for 190 state sponsorship as well.
You do not need to file it separately.

When you file 189 application, you have the option of selecting 190 visa too.


You can choose Australian State to sponsor you for visa 190

After you select 190, you can even select the specific states that you want your profile to be considered too.

See screen for Step 5 on SkillSelect EOI process:


You can choose ‘Any’ to select all state for 190 or just one like ‘New South Wales’ (Sydney).

If the state picks up your profile, they will automatically add 5 points to your profile and invite you.
If you accept, you will have to abide by state’s nomination rules when you actually reach Australia.

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Will send screenshots separately.

Hi @jayabrata.nitjsr
Not sure about what you want to ask. Can you please elaborate?

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