Extra Address, Work exp, GAP explanation in form 80 Part T?

Thanks Anil.

Please find some more questions on form 80 below and kindly provide your inputs.

Form 80, Q 17 - Address from last 10 years?

In address section 17, we have to provide address details in last 10 years so it will be from Jan 2008 till date? Kindly confirm.

Extra work and address information in Form 80, Part T?

There are not enough rows to fill, so can I put the extra details in Part - T (Additional Information) section?
Same for employment also? Since there are not enough rows so can I put gaps in education/employment details in Part - T saying that not enough space so providing here.

Explanation for GAP period

The explanation that I am giving, will that matter or is that verified? For example: for my wife I have said that she had taken break from job and was housewife or was searching for job etc. Is it fine to say like this. Similarly for myself in education gap is it ok to say that I was preparing for Engg Entrance exams etc.

Do not remember the PG address

What if I don’t remember the full address of my PG where I stayed 10 years back, will that be a problem?

Form 80 Fill Stay Address from last 10 years - YES

Yes, count 10 years backwards from the date of filing of form. There is no harm in including a couple extra months to be on safer side like 10 years 4 months address details counting backwards from today.

Sample Form 80, Part T Additional Information

Yes, extra details need to be added in Part - T (Additional Information) section if there are no rows left in specific question’s section including work, education, employment or wherever space is limited.


Explanation for GAP period

Every information can be verified as part of your declaration that you are information Australian government truthfully.
But, in real world, there are limited means which can be used to verify decade old information and especially your personal decision of sitting at home.

Break from job - Spending time for family, staying at home as a housewife are genuine reasons. I do not think there could be any questions raised for it.

Searching for job - This is fine too. Nothing wrong with looking for a job even if you were fired or resigned intentionally. In developed countries, these things are normal.
It’s only in India that we make big issue or concern about having a gap.

Education Gap - Yes, it is perfectly fine to say that you were preparing for Engg Entrance exams etc.

Do not remember the PG address

Its okay if you do not remember the PG’s exact address. Just try to find whatever location address that you can find using google and write it on Form 80.

Hi Anil,

Regarding the form filling, is it case-sensitive? It’s mentioned in form 80 to fill in capital letters but is that mandatory because sometimes due to that there is no space remaining in text-boxes?
Also regarding the scanned documents, can b/w documents be uploaded or only colored copies are allowed? Any specific criteria regarding scanning of documents? Can I share same scanned copies that I did for ACS?

I had submitted translated copies of my educational certificate attested by a gazetted officer during my ACS, can the same be provided here also or I have to get the translation done by specific notary? Can a provisional certificate in English along with main certificate in native language be of help?

Form 80 - Writing in Capital letters

If you are writing by hand, then ONLY write using capital letters.

If you are filling the form with computer typing, then you can write in small or capital letters as you wish.
I recommend writing in Capital whenever space is available.

Form 80 Certified / Notarized documents Color or black and white

Yes, you can use either ‘black and white’ or color copies.
Get them notarized / Certified / Attested.

You can use the same copies that you used for work/education assessment with ACS.

Form 80 translated documents

The same translated documents that you used earlier for assessment can be used now too. No need to re-translate them.

The translated document should be same as the original.
Provisional document should have it’s own translation and final should have it’s own translation.

Thanks Anil for the input.
Are we allowed to upload documents after we have submitted the immi form and paid fees? Also if I want to delete any existing document and upload new one, will that be allowed post Immi form submission?
Any changes in forms like form 80 and re-upload is allowed at a later stage after fee payment?

Documents cannot be deleted after Visa submission / Lodged

You cannot delete existing documents post submission and paying fees.

More documents can be uploaded after visa submit

You can add and upload more documents though after application submission.

Upload new Form 80 after visa lodged

You can change and upload form 80 later but you won’t be able to delete existing one.

Hi Anil,

Regarding passport sized photo upload, can I write my name in capitals or sign my name at the back of it and get it scanned alongwith the pic?
Do I have to get it attested too?
Kindly advise.

Photo attestation is not needed

You can write your name on the back of the photo, sign and then scan it.

Ok. For scanning can I do it by keeping the pic against a white paper or do I have to use scanning machines in xerox shops

Do not use the white paper.

You can easily scan using your mobile using Google photoscan app or just click the normal picture of your picture using mobile.
Then, edit it using ‘paint’ software.

Details are given the article link that I shared above for photos.

So I have to scan my existing passport pic either in Google photoscan or CamScanner?
You are not telling to take a fresh pic in google photo scan app right?
Also do I have to mention its true photo of on top of back page

Yes, it should be an existing photo on a paper as you have to write your name and sign on the back of photo too.

Then, scan it with either photo scan or CamScanner (your choice).

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