US address proof for Indian passport - Document List


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US address proof for Indian Passport renewal in USA

Any one of these Remark
Any utility bill (Electricity/ gas/ water/ landline telephone bill) Must NOT be older than 3 months
Driver’s License Front and back both are required. Learning / temporary driving license is accepted.
State ID Front and back both are required
Month to Month/ or Rental Lease agreement Should not have expired at the time of submission. Should be signed by landlord and tenant.
Home Mortgage bill Should be valid at the time of submission.

US cell phone, Wifi and Internet bill

Cell phone bill from AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint or any service provider is acceptable.

US credit card statement

Credit card bill or statement from any US-based company is NOT acceptable including Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard etc.

US bank statement are NOT valid address proof.

Bank of America, US bank, Chase, Discover etc. bank’s statements are NOT accepted.

US address P.O. box number

Your US address cannot include a P.O. Box.

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US address proof For College / University students

Students living on campus in US University housing/dormitories can submit a letter from the institution on the institution’s letterhead explaining the exact address that one presently resides in.

US address proof for H4 spouse

If the H4 dependent does not have any address proof their own name, then the primary H1B can give his address proof along with letter mentioning my wife is on h4 Visa and she does not have any US address proof.

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(Ankit Mehta) #10

I had my Tmobile bill and credit card statement accepted as US address proof.

(Anil Gupta) #11

Thanks @ankit_mehta for sharing the info. I will update the article to reflect it.

(Manami Bhunia) #12

Hi Ankit,

I just moved to a new house with my husband where I don’t have any utility bill in my name other than internet bill. Only I have escrow title company papers that are in the names of both of us. My passport is expiring in December 1st week. what’s the best can I do?

(Anil Gupta) #13

As @ankit_mehta shared above, CKGS is accepting mobile and internet bills as address proof. You can use it.

(Aslam Mohammed) #14

What if parents stay with us and what type of us address proof they can accept

(Anil Gupta) #15

Hi @Aslam_Mohammed
Parent should have some kind of address proof from the list above.
They can opt for drivers license or a state ID if nothing else is available.

(Prakarsh Upmanyu) #16

Hi @Anil_Gupta,
Are you sure that they accept learner’s permit as residence proof? It’s only a slip of paper with some details on it.

(Anil Gupta) #17

Hi @Prakarsh_Upmanyu
One person confirmed it earlier that CKGS accepted his learners driver permit.

(Prakarsh Upmanyu) #18

Thanks. I hope it works for me too.

(Darshan Venkatesh Babu) #19

Hi Anil,

I have a state ID for my address proof. But in my state ID my last name has a dash “Venkatesh-Babu” instead of “Venkatesh Babu” and all my other legal documents have “Venkatesh Babu”. When I asked this to the DMV they said they cannot insert space in the last name and they could only do it this way. Will this be a problem?


(Anil Gupta) #20

Hi @darshan

A dash should not be an issue.

(Darshan Venkatesh Babu) #21

Thanks man, I really hope so as I do not have any other address proof other than my bank statement