How to renew Indian passport in USA?


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Indian Passport renewal in USA after 10 years – Ask Questions for re-issue of passport with Cox and Kings for Indian consulate in Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago and SFO Indian consulate.

Step by step process for passport renewal is available here:


  1. Is US bank statement a valid address proof?
    Answer: NO.
    Complete list of valid US address proof is available here:
  1. What does affixed photograph on Indian bank statement mean?
    Answer: Affixed photo means that your passport size photo should be pasted on Indian government bank’s passbook with bank’s stamp.

We have a sample available here:

  1. What are valid proof’s for showing US legal status for passport renewal?
    Answer: Check this list here:

Passport lost by mail service while sending documents to Indian Consulate of NY
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Hey @Anil_Gupta do we require color photo copy of any documents?


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Hi @darshan
Not required but sending color copy is recommended.

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@Anil_Gupta thank you!