Keep working on L2 EAD while renewal is pending?


Just one more concern. L1A & L2 Extension is applied by my spouse company’s attorney but they have not yet provided us I-539 Copy after multiple followup & now if i have to continue work then i need to apply L2EAD before 12th February in order to get case # & receipt.

Can i write letter with Renewal application that it is in processing by Concern attorney firm and kindly raise REF to obtain approval as when you are ready to take decision

or can is send I-539 Later by mentioning case # uscis
very confused kindly assist

L2 EAD work while renewal pending with USCIS

I do not think you can keep working on L2 EAD based on pending L2 EAD application with USCIS.

The automatic 180 EAD extension is NOT available for L2 EAD at this time.
Check the eligible EAD codes that can use USCIS 180 automatic extensions here:


I am not asking automatic 180 extension of working but L2 EAD that is A-18 category renewal receipt mention on the receipt that you can show this to your employer being renewal is in processing till the decision is taken.

I have past renewal receipt.

Thank you,

If I understand your question correctly, you want to keep working once your current L2 EAD card expires by showing the L2 EAD renewal receipt to your employer.

As far as I know, you cannot work based on L2 EAD renewal receipt once your current L2 EAD card expires.

Let me know if i have mis-understood your question.

Ok Thank you.Because as i received renewal receipt last time which shows last paragraph that you can show this to employer being EAD is processing to continue work till decision taken on your EAD. I am not finding that receipt.

Its a generic message printed on every EAD receipt notice.

You are responsible to check if your EAD category code is eligible to keep working or not.
That’s why I shared the link with category codes that are allowed to work for 180 days automatically after current EAD expires.

I have covered the same CONFUSION for H4 EAD holders here (It has the screen shot of message that you are referring to):

Similar to your case, the same message is printed on all EAD receipt notices, H4 EAD holders also think that they can keep working but that’s NOT true.

Ok. thank you for confirmation again.

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Hi @jyothi_p

You are confusing two different things.

L2 EAD does not define your ‘status’ in the USA. Status is defined by the visa which is L2.

L2 EAD is just a work permit.