Send L2 Extension receipt number to attach to pending L2 EAD


I had to apply L2 EAD before my EAD Expires but that time i didnt receive my I-539 Petition extension copy.

but i attached email of attorney that extension will be applied and documents are processing.

I had written letter too stating that i do not have I-539 but attached Attorney’s information who is processing our extension. so kindly raise RFE when you are ready to take any decision on EAD.

so that if I have extension approval that time i will send over.

  1. Do they will consider this?
  2. if now i have i-539 copy and if i send it to same address with case number on that , will it reach correctly to file of my case number?

Kindly suggest

I am not aware of any such process where you can send the documents to USCIS after applying without an RFE.

You would be extremely lucky If USCIS accepts the L2 extension receipt now unless they send an RFE and then you send it.

oh …Do you have any idea if i contact any attorney and if they can speak directly to USCIS officer on this directly?

As I said, I am not aware of any such process.
If you want, you can try to talk to an attorney and if they know any way to get this done.

ok No problem thank you for reply

Hi Gits,

How did you solve your problem, I am in the same situation need some guidance.