How to get signature of the person in India on PoA before attestation

@Ankur @Anil_Gupta
Thanks for sharing this information. From where did you get the General POA template?

Did you prepare it by yourself? If you can can you share a copy of the template.

I need to get a GPA attested here and i am not sure how to get the signature of the person who will be acting on my behalf since they are in India.

That would be an incomplete GPA that would have to be attested by the Embassy.

How did you fill in the representative details in your GPA?

Sample Power of Attorney

You can use it as General power of attorney too.

Signature of Person in India not required in USA

You do not need the signature of the person who is in India at the time of attestation in Indian embassy.

The person in India can sign when they receive PoA in India. That’s the normal process. No need to worry.

The above link also has details of step by step process to get attestation done.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you! This was helpful