Sample Power of Attorney - NRI - Buy, Rent, Take Possession of property in India


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If you are NRI (Non resident Indian) or an Indian, who just came abroad and want to manage your real estate matters, by giving out your signing authority to some one in your family or a friend, you can use this sample power of attorney.

Sample Power of attorney for NRI (Non Resident Indian)

Open this sample PoA on Google Docs.

Attestation of Power of attorney - Applicable for NRI

  1. This power of attorney needs to be attested by Indian Embassy before you can send it to India.

  2. This is applicable for all countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or anywhere your are.

  3. Complete step by step process to get this POA attested is mentioned here:

Registered Power of Attorney - Applicable for both NRI and people in India

  1. To make the Power of attorney legally valid, it should be registered. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

  2. NRI - Once you get the POA attested, you would send it to India by mail or by hand (somebody carries it). It then needs to be registered in Sub divisional magistrate office or registrar’s office.

  3. Complete step by step process to register the POA in India is available here:

How to get Power of Attorney attested by Indian Embassy?