H4 EAD filing multiple applications

Need suggestion, filed H4 EAD this month and received receipt number. However H1 and H4 extension are coming through in Jul’2018 and employer is ready to file extension in premium. Shall we file another H4 EAD application along with the H1/H4 extension? Will it create any issues as the receipt number for H4 EAD is already generated. Thanks in advance!

You can file as many applications as you want. There is no issue.

If you want to file H4-EAD along with your H1B premium extension, then you will most probably get H4-EAD fast too (remember, its not guranteed to be processed fast but generally, it is, if filed with H1B premium).

Currently, standard H4-EAD applications are taking anywhere close to 5+ months for getting result.

So, the chances are good that you will get your new application approved earlier than the current one.
Once you get the H4-EAD approved with new H1B extension, file for withdrawal of the current H4-EAD application.

Thank you so much for your reply, it gives positive hope.

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Hello @Sreejith_Kuttikrishn ,
Have you send H4EAD along with H1x PP envelope, What was USCIS response? Did they accept it as concurrent with H1x.

I am on the same boat and I am planning to send EAD docs along with H1x envelop next week.
It will great help if you share your experience Please. Thankyou