Current H4 EAD, L2 EAD processing times Vermont, Texas, California, Nebraska


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The graph and spreadsheet that you see below are updated daily at midnight automatically.
These are the most updated times and reliable numbers.

If you see the numbers in above table different than the numbers and dates in spreadsheet and graph below, rely on the numbers in spreadsheet and graph.

These processing times are same for H4 EAD and L2 EAD applications (form i-765) at this time.
The same time is applicable for NEW and RENEWAL requests.

H4-EAD applications filed on or before the ‘Current Processing Date’ are getting processed currently.
The ‘Days’ or ‘Months’ is what a standard application is taking.
Read days or months individually, not days + months.

Date On or AFTER

Means that USCIS is currently working on cases filed on or after this date.

Raise USCIS Case Service Request - Outside Normal Processing Time

If your ‘case received date’ is before the date mentioned above, you should raise a service request with USCIS to check why your case has been delayed.
This certainly means that your case is taking longer than other similar cases and may be stuck in administrative processing.

If Date is 08/01/2017, this means that applications filed before 1 August, 2017 are being processed by that center. It is taking 159 days (or delayed by 159 days) or 5 months to process application.

How long does it take for EAD to come?

The normal time is 90 days but it can be more depending on the USCIS work load. The current time that each USCIS center is experiencing is noted above.

You can submit an inquiry about your H4-EAD (Form I-765) to USCIS, if your case has been pending more than 75 days.

How do i check the status of my EAD?

You can use USCIS case status check website to get the status of your EAD application. You will need your USCIS receipt number.

Can i work with approval notice for EAD?

NO. You cannot. You need the EAD card to start any kinf of work.

How long does it take to get EAD card once approved?

You should receive your card within 5-7 days once the status of your EAD application shows as ‘Card sent for printing’.

How long does the SSN card take to arrive if applied with EAD application?

The SSN takes about 4 weeks to arrive if your EAD has been approved and you had opted to get SSN with your EAD application.
If not applied with EAD, you have to apply SSN separately after you receive your EAD card.

CSC = California Service Center
VSC = Vermont Service Center
NSC = Nebraska Service Center
TSC = Texas Service Center
N.A. = Not Applicable

Source: USCIS

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Does it make difference in processing time if its renewal?

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No. They consider it same as new application.

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(JJoba) #15

Just curious, what is your case number? I only see one that is approved EAC1890038676.
Also was your case received on Jan 2nd? Which service center? My wife’s was received on the Jan 4th.

(JJoba) #16

Hi Anil

Just a quick observation that I found based in what I learnt today. . I think the wait time you have here doesn’t give the right picture.
The reason being the delay in USCIS updates on processing time. Not getting into the specifics , but the current priority date of say Oct1 was for Dec31st. When USCIS publishes these processing time , they are always outdated back to 6-8 weeks.

To the contrary , if we consider Oct1 processing as of Dec31st , it’s well within ( actually barely) the processing time frame of 90 days.

In fact , when I looked at h4-ead application tracker on another website, on an average people hear back by 80-100 days.
USCIS also suggests people to raise a service request if they don’t see the application status change in 75 days (for EAD).

(Anil Gupta) #17

Yes, your observation is correct. I have only mentioned the USCIS official dates and numbers.

The real tracker (as some other websites have) is user driven and depends on if user shares their data.

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(Margret) #22

Could you please share the details for the current H1B Visa extension processing time for Nebraska center.


(Anil Gupta) #23

Hi @marg2018
Unfortunately, USCIS has stopped publishing data for Nebraska H1B extensions.
Till last month, they were publishing them.

Looks like they might be moving cases to other centers.

(Pradeep) #25

Would the processing time same for H4 EAD application which was filed 10months ago but have received RFE to share the H4 status?

(Anil Gupta) #26

The total processing time for H4 EAD that has received RFE would be even more if you count from date of filing to final result.

Once an RFE is issued, USCIS gives you 60 days to respond. Add those to the actual time that they may have taken to pick your application for working first.
Then, when you respond, USCIS is currently taking about 80+ days to respond to RFE’s.

So, its a very long story.

(Neena) #27

My L2 EAD case was received on 21st of June 2018 at the Vermont processing center. It currently has the priority date of 26th of May. If I extrapolate this, I should expect my EAD to be picked up for processing on/before 1st of Dec. Is that a correct understanding.

Also - are there chances of an RFE in L2 EAD, if yes - does it come thru at the end of the claimed time period [ ~ 5 months] . I’m trying to gauge my case of getting an RFE , its my fifth wait-time month currently on.


(Anil Gupta) #28

Hi @neena23
Yes, your estimation is correct.

There are chances for L2 EAD but usually very rare. They send an RFE only when any of your submitted document have expired like passport or any other doc.

You should not get an RFE unless some paper is missing in documentation.

(Neena) #29

Thanks for the prompt response Anil ! Much appreciated.

(Neena) #30

Hello - I just noticed that the estimated time has been changed to 4 - 6 months , from 3 to 5.5 months for L2 EAD [ I-765] processing.

The "Receipt Date for a case enquiry " was 06/01 today AM EST, this has now been delated to 05/22…This is disappointing :frowning_face:

(Anil Gupta) #31

Ya… I know…this is really frustrating but that’s how it is.