Include H4 EAD renewal after H1x upgradation to PP?

Hello Everyone, I am new to this group and this is my first query, Please excuse my english is not good.

My Husband is working in IT company, both H1 and H4 were expiring on 15-Aug-2018. Company attorney asked documents to filling process extension which was completed on this month (5May 2018), and I have got the receipt number for both H1 and H4.

H1- I 129 : LINxxxxxx - Receipt Date : 24-May-2018
H4- I539 : LINxxxxxxx- Receipt Date : 24-May-2018
H4 EAD- was not sent along with H1 & H4.

Now company has agreed to upgrade the extension to Premium processing, which would be initiated by next week.

Can we send H4 EAD i765 form with H1B upgrade to premium application form in same envelope?

Query: I have H4 EAD which is expiring on 15-Aug-2018, Can I include H4 EAD renewal I765 form in same envelope (H1 Premium processing upgrade envelope), so that H4 EAD considered as concurrently with H1x Premium? Attorney has agreed to include I765 form in the same envelope.

Or should I send H4 EAD renewal in separate envelope to Texas/Dallas Office?


Hi @Pruthvi

Send H4-EAd application form with H1B upgrade to premium form

I strongly recommend to send the H4-EAD application with the premium processing upgrade application and in same envelope.

Given the current scenario, H4 EAD is going away soon and if you file separately, your application will probably never be approved (in the light of long delays and DHS trying to withdraw H4 EAD work permits in 2018).

Your best chances are applying with H1B premium application as the chances of getting EAD approved faster are higher.

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Thankyou so much for speedy reply, I was also thinking on the same lines yet there are specific services center for H4 EAD (Dallas, TX, Phonix), if EAD is not filed together initially with H1x & H4x.

Now I have already received receipt number (LINxxxxxxx) for H1x, H4x. So I will write them on a cover letter and will request to consider as concurrent along with H1x PP. Does that sound okay.

Is there a possibility that my H4 EAD I795 will be transferred to some other service center, if Officer did not consider it as concurrent along with H1x PP. How long will it take to transfer case to other service center?


Well, it is up to USCIS to process your H4-EAD along with H1B premium or not.
Normally they do, but it’s not guaranteed.

Most of the cases (90%+) do get processed along with their H1B premium timeline. So, chances are good.

I cannot really guess if they will consider your H4-EAD as separate application and transfer it to other center or not. It really is dependent on the USCIS consultant’s own decision.

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Thankyou, you are awesome. your answer make me happy, I was in worry for time line and delaying in H4 EAD processing, Hope it will be fast along with H1x PP. Thankyou once again!!

You are welcome and I really wish that you get the EAD within 15 days :slight_smile:

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Happy to tell you, All three H1x H4x H4Ead approved today. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I am happy for you.
Your case is definitely going to be a motivation for other users.