Which Passport number I should specify in i140 FOIA request?

Hi Anil,
I have same problem. My H1B visa got approved in 2016 but my employer never shared receipt number or I-797.

Now I am in India. While filing the FOIA request online, can I specify my Indian address?

Note that when my employer applied for a VISA, I had different passport number and address. After it got expired, I had renewed it with different address.

Which Passport number I should specify in FOIA request?

Where does the system ask for passport number in i140 FOIA request? Can you share the screen shot?

At step 2 it ask to fill one of the following

I-94 Number Arrival - Departure Record____

Passport or Travel Document Number____

Alien Registration Number (A-Number) (if any)____

USCIS Online Account Number (if any)____

Application, Petition, or Request Receipt Number ____

On the same page, near to passort or Travel document Number there is a help icon with following description
“Passport number is found on your government issued official document, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries. Travel Document number is found on your travel document issued to an individual in valid refugee or asylee status, or to a lawful permanent resident who obtained such status as a refugee or asylee in the United States.”

You simply give the i140 application receipt number if you have it.
Or give the passport number that you had at the time of filing i140.

Thanks Anil. A few additional queries

Since I want to transfer my H1B visa to new employer. Should I request both I-140 and I-797 or any one of them will be sufficient? will it include Application Receipt number?

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Hi @ayj2710

You will need your H1B receipt number too for transfer. Don’t you have it?

Hi Anil,
That is the problem. I don’t have any H1B proof except email where my previous employer had informed me that my H1B has approved. As of now as my previous employer didn’t shared any details and thus I am ending up starting this thread.

You can request all the information with USCIS FOIA request but it may take time.