VFS Global passport renewal in USA - unable to find register on VFS portal

Hi @Sam, i am also facing same issue like “sram”. Not going to next page when adding a new customer. Is there any browser issue or issue with Govt Ref number. I have given ref no as passport application number like XX-XXXXXXXXXX.
Please share with us, it would be help full.


I’m facing the same issue. Have also raised a query with them. Hopefully we can find an update ASAP.

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How did you reach this page @sam30? I’m not able to go beyond the “Add customer” page. Could you let us know which browser you’re using and what format you put the Govt Reference Number in? Thank you!

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Here is the step by step process for Indian passport renewal with VFS global.

Hi @Anil_Gupta, thank you. Unfortunately this guide did not work for me, and for many of us. When we click “Submit” on the Add customer page, the page refreshes again. Many other people have mentioned having the same issue on Twitter.

Due to this, we aren’t able to use the Retrieve Incomplete Application function either. When we enter our email address, it says NO application found. We can’t use the edit button next to the Name, because the Name doesn’t get saved on the Add customer page. The page keeps refreshing without saving the information.

If possible, please advise us on how to proceed. We have written to VFS with absolutely no response, and we are all in an urgent situation.

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I am using Google Chrome - Version 86.0.4240.80 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Thanks Anil for the document.

I could see for courier service address the shared documents states to provide my mailing address. Please advise whether the VFS global/application center shipping label will be generated automatically after step 7?

*************** Instruction ******************

#Step 7 Courier Service Address

Enter your own mailing address here and not the VFS global’s address.

The USA address on your prepaid shipping label should match the proof of address document submitted.

anyone else had success in submitting? Now I am getting this error message when I try to submit (add customer)

No I am facing different errors including the drop down not populating every time I check. I haven’t heard back from VFS either, this is very frustrating. Please let us know if any method works for you, I am a student in a time crunch and I need a valid passport to apply to submit documents for OPT processing soon

Having problem at the step of “Add customer” page. Not able to go beyond because when I click on submit it remains on that page. Also what format you put the Gov. Ref Number is not clear.

please let me know if anyone submitted the application successfully.

Anyone could submit application via VFS ?

Did this issue resolve for you? Having similar issue while submitting the application after selecting courier service

Anybody could do that ?

I could do that on Google Chrome. But address printed on fedex to and fro shipping Courier Labels is not complete. It removed the Apt number 615. Not sure what shall i do @Anil_Gupta

Hi Anil,

Thank you so much for the detailed steps. very helpful.
I had a question associated with the renewal of the passport of my minor son (7 year old). I want to put our US address in his passport (as the current address printed has no one residing). Can you please advise what US address proof, I can submit for my minor son.

Thank you very much for your help

Kind Regards
Abhijit Mishra

Hi Anil,

Do you know if we can apply under Tatkal for Minor’s passport renewal/Reissuance. The guidelines posted on VFS site states that in case Appearance/Signature change we can not avail the Tatkal service. For Minor these things will obvious change. I posted the same question to VFS but no response yet.


Try emailing directly to the embassy/consulate too to see if they can approve. You will have to do it through PRAMIT. https://pramit.indiainnewyork.gov.in/
I am waiting for their reply.

Thanks Ashish. I am yet to submit my daughter’s application. The PRAMIT needs USAN Number & Application Ref Number (ARN) . Do you know can we still submit our query without these details?

Thank you.

If it’s a mandatory field, then you will need it.