Use Dropbox in India if H1B extension was denied and returned home


Use dropbox if H1B extension denied in USA?

Since my last stamping is with same employer so in case of denial if I have to go my home country then will I be able to use drop box or it will be in person.

Why I am asking is because there is a rule that after I-94 expiry within a year if we visit home country then instead of in person it can be done in drop box.

Please let me know !

H1B visa stamping in India with dropbox after H1B extension denied

Yes, you should be eligible for Dropbox.

When you start the embassy appointment process, it will ask you multiple questions to check your eligibility for dropbox.
If you are eligible, it will ask you to use Dropbox automatically.

Dropbox eligibility check

You can check your eligibility using our Dropbox rules checker (automated tool created by and

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