Urgent-want to keep my old hostel address in passport

Hi There,

I am going to renew my India passport from here in USA and I have one doubt.

Can I keep hostel address intact after passport renewal?

I want to keep my old hostel address intact in my new passport.

Could you please confirm if any verification will be required.

Is any address proof needed for Indian hostel?

Could you please confirm if I need to provide any address proof for that.

Could you please confirm if i need to mention anything specific in my application to clear out that my old address should be kept on new passport.

Appreciate a quick response as my passport is expiring soon and I need to start the process immediately.


Hostel address is not recommend for indian passport renewal

There may be a police verification done if the address is hostel address and in that case, your passport might not be approved.

Indian embassy sends request to Indian regional passport office and they take the decision on police verification based on your address.

No address proof needed if not changing address

On the other hand, if you want to keep the Indian address same as before on your new passport, there is no address proof required.

Hi Anil,

Thank you so much for replying back. I am worried right now as I have ran into one situation.
My passport is expiring in June, 2019.

I am currently in USA and my marriage is planned in Feb,2019. I was planning a trip to Bali after marriage and I came to know that they need at least 6 months valid passport, which will not be case for me if I don’t renew my passport.

The reason I am worried is because I will be going to India in January last week and I will not have time to renew my passport from there.

Also, I read that if we renew passport from here then it takes 4-6 weeks to complete that process. In case if it takes more than 6 weeks then I will be stuck here and won’t be able to go back until I get my passport back. It seems little risky.

Can I apply passport renewal under Tatkal from here. I am not sure if it is a valid case for CKGS to accept my tatkal request.

Anil, since this is little urgent for me. Is there any way I can reach out to you directly via phone as it will save my time.

Appreciate your response on this.


Hi @tarunshukla

You can apply for Tatkal and they should be able to approve your request.
Even if they do not approve your tatkal request, your application will still be acceptable and will be processed in regular timeline.

Sorry, but, i do not provide any call support.
You can ask any questions if you want here and i will answer quickly.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response.
Is there any specific process for applying passport renewal under Tatkal. The CKGS site says we need to first send them an email mentioning that we need Tatkal service and provide some information to them.

Appreciate any pointers on how to apply passport renewal under Tatkal.


Yes, that’s their process. Just follow the instructions on CKGS website for tatkal service.

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