Indian passport renewal: Do you want to change your address?

Hi Anil, my Tatkal request was denied and now I am applying for passport renewal under normal request.
I have a question. In the first page itself it asks for ‘Choose you Miscellaneous Service’.
It has a check box for ‘Do you want to change your address’.

Since I will be giving my US address later in the application for getting printed in new passport, do I need to select this check box under miscellaneous service?


Hi @tarunshukla

Select Yes - Do you want to change your address

Yes, if you are giving US address now, you should select yes to question ‘do you want to change your address’.

Basically, if the new address to be printed on passport is different than the one currently printed, you should select yes to question ‘Do you want to change your address’.

Please correct me
in order to print USA address(will Provide US State Driving Licence) on passport at renewal process should we choose the below option from CGKS USA Passport services.

" Choose Your Miscellaneous Service " Change of Address option

so by selecting this option i do not need to give any Indian address proofs right.

You have to choose the ‘renewal of passport’ option. Once you have selected that option, then opt for changing the address.

No Indian address proof is needed if you are opting for US address printing on your new passport.

Thanks for a quick reply

OK i understand that option now i have opted for USA address to be printed on passport, but my follow up question is i have done the CGKS application

now in Second part of process

" Government of India website "
change of address printed on passport i have provided USA address,

what should I provide for " other address in or out of India " can i provide my parents address in India(for this i dont have any proofs)
OR just give the same USA address in other Address also

Thank & Regards

You can provide any Indian address here. No address proof is required for this.

I got your point anil thanks
What if I given the USA address in other address too will that be a problem
I mean both same address

I suggest to give Indian address. I don’t know if giving US address would cause any issue.

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I have completed my application thanks for helping me out with my queries.

Can i ask who do i sent my passport copy pages 1 to 5 and 34 to 36 and address pages

I have printed them as 2 in one page like the main page of passport & page 1, 2 & 3 so on…

OR i should do every page separate.


Two pages printed on single A4 sheet would work fine.

I have applied the passport renewal with address change and sent the documents to the CKGS. But my application was on hold to due to invalid address proofs provided. I have provided my husband passport as address proof for my Indian address. When I reached out to ckgs they said I can submit my husband’s aadhar card. But in the email for the pending documents they mentioned “One Indian address is mandatory to provide on the Indian Passport Government form. Please refill the NRI Government of India form with one Indian address and send it to CKGS by mail”. I already filled my paasport government form with the Indian address. I am not sure why they want me to refill again. Any help would be appreciated.