Upload Income tax form, payslips documents in Australia 189 application?

Hi Anil,

Where to upload Form 16 income tax documents in immiaccount?

In the document checklist there is nothing related to my income like form 16 etc.

Are income related documents required at a later stage?

Any specific amount I have to show in my account for visa invitation?

Steps after 189 visa grant?

Also what will be the next step, once I have been granted visa?
Do I have to travel to Australia within specific time and stay there for a specific time? Do I need job offer for doing this?
Is this visa valid for 5 years and after that one has to apply for PR?

Can I search job from India, till I get an offer or I have to go there and do the job hunting?

Upload Form 16, payslips in Work experience section

You can upload Form 16, work experience letters in ‘Work experience evidence’ section.

Payslips and Income Tax documents are optional

Payslips and tax documents are optional if you already have certified work experience letters.

To be on a safer side and avoid delays in application result, i suggest that you upload form 16 for last 3 years and payslips to cover the gap between ACS assessment letter and Today.

CO may or may not ask you to upload them later depending on how satisfies he is with your paperwork.

I just recommend to give as much information as possible as CO questioning adds extra time to your total processing time.

Amount to show in bank account for Visa Invitation?

There is no requirement of showing any specific balance in your bank account to qualify for skill based 189 / 190 visa.

Steps after 189 visa grant

I have answered it earlier in detail here: