Photograph - Passport Size for Australia Visa

Photograph - Passport - 1 Scanned Copy - Color

A recent passport photograph (45mm x 35mm) or (1.77 Inch x 1.37 Inch)

This should be of the head and shoulders only, and should show the person facing the camera, against a plain background and must be less than 6 months old.

Print / Write the name of the person on the back of the photograph.

Scanning and attaching photographs

Scan both front and back of the photograph (after writing your name on back) and then upload it in immiaccount.

When scanning and attaching photographs you must:

  • Scan and attach the front and back of the photograph of each applicant separately.

  • Ensure the photo is upright and in color.

  • Not place the photo on a piece of paper before scanning.

Photograph front view

Examples of non-acceptable photographs

Photograph back view, endorsed - Write your name

Photograph back view must be scanned showing the authorized person’s declaration and signature.

Real Photo Sample - hand written


Separate files for Front and back photo

Photograph front and back view must be scanned and uploaded as 2 separate .JPG or Image files.

Android and IOS App to scan photo

You can use the excellent Google Photoscan app to scan the picture

Hi @Anil_Gupta,
qq if its 45x35 we are taking on A4 scanner. It will come with blank page (in pdf) all around like below

but in above post you mentioned it as wrong. Could you please let me know some valid to be uploaded scanned photograph.

PS: I understand the way it shd be taken (showing ear, front face … ) but want to know after scan how it need to appear on pdf page covering whole page or with actual size)

Use the Google photos can app and not PDF scan.

I am doing with actual scanner

Actual scanner won’t give you the desired results. A4 scanner will always add white space around your photo. And white space is NOT allowed.

That’s why I suggested a photos can app.

got it so we will be giving scanned doc where only content is there with not surrounding white space.
I thought the other way because the specified photo dimension which will be then over whole page.