PERM Prevailing wage determination Processing Time

My attorney files Prevailing wage determination on November 3rd,2018 and still waiting from DOL.
When can I expect the answer from DOL.I do not know the case number as they are not providing it to me. Is there anyway to find out status on my own. Your help is very much appreciated.

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Prevailing wage determination is taking 6+ months these days.

You can expect a response by April last week.
Only your employer can check the PERM status.

We track PERM and PWD processing times daily here:

Thank you so much Anil,
Just now I see update on Truvisa website regarding PERM prevailing wage determination. Is it taking 5 months now?
Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @MJ345

You are on Truvisa site. What do you want to know?
Looks like you have copy pasted the text from some other forum here?

Hello Anil,

My PWD requested in first week of November 2018. when can I expect it to come back.

thank you so much for your quick response all the time. your help is appreciated.

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Your PERM PWD will take another 1.5 months to get approval based on current PERM processing times.

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Is there in any change in processing time of Prevailing wage determination. Mine is requested on November 3rd,2018. Could you please let me know the approximate anticipating approval date?

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My estimate is still same for you case.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for all the guidance/responses you offer in this group. The current time for PWD has been mentioned as 160 days. In the other AM22tech it has been updated with 3.5 months. My PWD has been submitted on 8th Feb 2019 with Lake Mary, FL. I am still waiting to get the determination. Do you have any data with this area and the processing time please.

Hi @gamaravind

You van expect your PWD Approval anytime now.