Is pending PERM and i140 process affected by H1B transfer

Hi Anil -

My PWD was filed in the 1st week of Dec 2018 and my H-1B visa max out is mid July 2020.
Do you think I will have enough time to get i140 approved ?

Also, if I change client in between but stick with the same employer, will there be any issue with the PERM and i140 process?

Thanks in advance.

Pending PERM and i140 are usually not affected by H1B transfer application as PERM is for future job position.

Your situation looks a bit tight with respect to timelines. You will have to definitely file i140 in premium if you want to make file H1B 7th year extension using i140.

You cannot file H1B 7th year extension using pending PERM as it would not have completed 375 days in pending status.

With 17 months in hand to max out date, do you think timeline will be tight to get i140 approved ? Max out is in July 2020 and not July 2019. Thank you.

Ok… i think your wrote July 2018 earlier and i had corrected it to July 2019.

If its July 2020, then you have enough time.

Sure. Thanks for the reply. Last question for today - For PWD filed in Dec 1st week 2018, can I expect result by April 2019 end or before that ?

I think you can expect PWD approval by April 2019 end.

Thanks for the prompt reply.