PERM application got Audit

Hi Anil
My employer filed my PERM application on MAY 2018 and last week i got Audit on that . employer is saying they are seeking for Original Advertisement paper they have provided required paper and hoping it will clear in 3-4 week. My current h1b is valid till feb 2019 and my 6 year on h1b complete on may 2019 .

My question is - as per your data Audit application is taking 198+ days how my employer is saying it will complete in 3-4 weeks. if my case is not answered till feb 2019 what are the option is available for me ( can i go for H1b extension on basis of Perm audit in progress ) .
Please suggest me all option which will work for me .


Hi @kingofvisa

I cannot comment on how your employer is calculating 3-4 weeks for PERM Audit.
The data we track are official numbers from department of Labor.

Your other H1B 6th and 7 year extension questions are already answered here:

Hi Anil
Thanks for prompt response, last question when perm got audit it will consider application date when we replied for audit or very first date perm applied . for example my case may-2018 perm application is sent and audit reply went on aug-2018 so my application date would consider Aug-2018 or May-2018. it will help me to calculate expected time for my perm response after audit

Consider the first application date.