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Hi Anil,

My husband is in a very critical stage. Need your help as it is so confusing to read these processing times. Could you help in definitely answer

21st May : PERM 9089 filed
30th August : Received Audit
23rd September : Audit Response Submitted

25th July 2020 H1B expires (6 years)

Question :
when can I expect my PERM approval ?
When will my 365 days be completed so that I can get eligible for extending my H1B beyond 6 years based on 365 day-decision pending rule?

Hi @Arpita_Saini

I am sure you can add 365 to May 21 and reach a date to know when you can file a 1 year H1b extension if PERM is still pending.

Sorry, but i cannot tell when the PERM will be approved.

Thanks Anil for quick response. Much appreciated !

By asking perm approval date I meant approx. time for this perm audit case based on current processing time for perm audit cases.

I saw you helped folks to provide them approx. month based on current processing time.

Also, if you could help to tell which month Audit PERM cases are currently going on.

Thanks Again !

Hi @Arpita_Saini

I have stopped giving case by case processing time estimates due to lack of time.
Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi, My employer filed PERM on October 10, 2019. When can I expect to receive the judgement?

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Hi @kris

You are pretty close to your PERM approval.


My employer filed my Perm on Nov 20th 2019, what would be the status of my case?

This is for H1B Visa.

Hi @gvenkatasubramaniam

You can check your PERM case status here if you know the case number.

Thanks, Anil

I checked the status in the link which you shared, it’s still pending.

Hi Anil,
My PD is 11/01 and max out date is 04/27. Could you pls throw some light on when to expect PERM approval and is there any chance of H1 extension or should I have to plan to pack my bags? Thanks so much in advance!

What do you mean by PD date here? Do you mean the PERM filing date?

Yes, PERM filing date.

Hi Anil,

I will be completing 6 years on my H-1B by June 28th 2020. My Perm was filed on 30th of January. What is the chance of me getting my I-140 approved? Could you please help

Hi @Anitha1 and @baba459p

We have the time to get PERM and i140 approval here. Please check.

Hi Kris,

Did you get feedback on your case? My PERM was filled on 10/7 and so far I did not receive any feedback.