Notarize payslips for Australia 189 visa supporting documents?

Hi Anil,

Can you please clarify on the following questions:

1. Do payslips need to be Notarized?

I’ve work experience of 10 years. Do we need to upload payslips for all the work experience that we are claiming in ACS? If so, does it need to be notarized? If payslips are required, I don’t have payslips for all 10 years. Do they accept bank statements that will have direct deposit of salary as proof and do they need to be notarized?

2. Do FBI clearance, India PCC need notarization?

My educational docs and work experience letters on company letterhead are notarized and ACS accessment was positive.
Does documents like marriage certificate, FBI clearance, Indian PCC needs to be notarized?

3. Can Aadhar card be used as Date of Birth Proof?

For DOB proof, instead of birth certificate or X/XII mark sheet, do they accept Aadhar card for DOB proof?

4. Is W2 acceptable as Income tax proof?

Income tax Proofs - I’ve work experience of 10 years. Do we need to submit tax proof for all 10 years? In case of US experience, do we need to submit W2 or turbo tax statements that we filed for returns?

Payslips are optional - Good to Notarize

Payslips are not mandatory. You can upload them if you want to but they are not required. Upload as many as you have.
Official Australia guidance says to notarize /Certify everything that you upload.

But, i have seen people uploading tax and payslips without notary and have been approved. It is your choice to get them notarize or not.

FBI clearance, India PCC does NOT need notarization

Marriage certificate needs notary.
FBI clearance and Indian PCC do not need notary.

Can Aadhar card be used as Date of Birth Proof - No

Date of birth certificate guidance:

I would strongly recommend to get birth certificate or submit X/XII certificate as date of birth proof.
If you do not, then you may get a query from case officer later and it might delay your case.

Keep passport as your last resort to prove date of birth.

W2 is acceptable as Income tax proof

You can use W2 for last 3 to 5 years.

No need to submit all 10 years as these are additional documents. It is your choice if you want to submit them or not.

I have seen people usually submitting only last 3 years payslips and tax documents and they have got the visa.
No notary needed here too. But, if you can get notary, it is better than no-notary.