Why are witness needed for Indian PoA attestation?

The ‘witness’ aspect is confusing.

If we’re in the case where witnesses can’t accompany me to the consulate, we get the witnesses to sign in front of a notary. Where are they signing? What are they ‘attesting’ to? i.e. should there be some sort of statement, saying I know the person executing the POA?

If I don’t sign the POA, I’m confused as to what the witness is attesting to.

Witness sign to verify that they know you (the PoA Executer)

The witness sign is only for verifying (attesting) that they KNOW you. Notary would just sign and stamp the signature of witness and verify their identity.
Witness sign on the same original PoA. Check the sample PoA given above. There is no explicit statement needed.

Nobody attests the content of PoA

Nobody, including Indian Embassy cares about the content of PoA.
At every step, only the signatures and identity are notarized and attested.
Your signature is attested by Indian Embassy.

What if I don’t sign the POA?

If the notary asks you to sign too, you can sign and then again sign once more in front of Indian Consulate.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, thank you! Like all things related to the Indian consulate, seems unnecessarily complicated.
Thanks for your guidance.

It’s more of an Indian government requirement to have 2 witness rather than Indian embassy.

Some people have reported earlier that they were able to get it attested in Indian embassy without witness signature but then, they needed to get witness in India while using the POA.