L1B Blanket to L1B Individual - drop box eligibility


Currently I am in US on my L1B blanket visa which expired in Sep 2018.
My company applied for extension In L1B individual category and it’s approved.
I am traveling to India in June 2019 (<12 months since visa expired) , am I eligible for Dropbox?

I went through the eligibility checking app and it’s says I am eligible considering that L1B blanket and L1B individual are both same class L and currently I am applying for L1B Individual visa.

Can you confirm that “L1B blanket and L1B individual are both same class?”

Just wanted to be double sure on the Interview waiver in my case.


It should be same class of visa as per my information.

When you fill the actual appointment form online, you would be able to see.

As per my research, the class means the alphabetical letter. If you see something otherwise, do share with us and we can make a change to the app.

Thank you Anil for your reply.
I selected Yes for the Same Visa Class related question while booking appointment and I was qualified for Visa waiver.

Good. In case there is any issue, US embassy will call you for interview. So, it is a win-win situation anyway.

There is no need to worry.

I saw similar query from one of the members, but they did not post the final outcome if the waiver was accepted or if they had to attend interview.
That’s why I had raised the question.

I will make sure I post the outcome.


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I have the same question. What is the outcome?

My case is exactly matching the above.But I went to drop box at chennai, they refused to take documents because of different L1 categories and asked me to schedule interview. Pathetic situation, all travel plans are messed up

I went to Hyderabad VFS, they were reluctant to take my documents initially, but I convinced them to take the documents and let Consuler decide if needed they would call me for interview.
I think it’s all about consuler’s discretion.
I submitted documents on 6/19, yet to get status on the same…

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Refer to this link… Attorney says Blanket to Individual are eligible for Dropbox, but it’s descrition of the officer…

Hi @Shrepa1182

I have spoken to multiple people and have myself checked the Visa waiver questionnaire.

It looks like USATravelDocs website has different set of questions on their Dropbox eligibility page than what they ask while booking the appointment.

We found that now USATravelDocs considers the same class as the exact same visa alphabet and visa number.
We have also updated it in our dropbox eligibility app to reflect the same.

Thanks Anil,
I saw the updates made on your site.
Here the alphabet, number everything is same, it’s L1B in both cases.
Difference is process initial is through blanket L1B and now it’s Individual L1B .
So, Visa Class is still the same L1B (alphabet and number) only process changed and as now it’s L1B individual, we should be eligible for Dropbox…

Hi @Shrepa1182
ok…no problem. If you have already gone through the questions, then you should be fine.

I just wanted to share the update that I made after you asked your question 10 days ago.
I did went back and checked with multiple people after you and multiple other people asked the same question.

Thanks Anil.
As @Vjn mentioned above, the VFS staff seems to be confused with Visa class and annotation on the Visa.
Visa class is L1B but because the annotation says it was Blanket process earlier, they assume that Blanket is a Visa class and as now it’s Individual they assume it’s change in Visa class and are reluctant to take documents for Dropbox.
Infact the class is same earlier and now, it’s L1b.
Because the extension is under Individual category as per questionnaire we should be eligible for Dropbox.
As I have my documents submitted to consulate for stamping we will more clarity on a couple of days.
I will share the same here for benefit of other’s

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@Vjn forgot to ask… are your blanket and individual visa same category? I mean are they both L1A or L1B?

Hi All,

I got my visa stamped through drop box.

Short summary of my case.

Initial was L1B blanket, extension was L1B Individual and previous visa (L1B blanket) was expired less than 12 months back and I met rest all prerequisites for Dropbox…
VFS was reluctant to take my application for Dropbox because of Initial L1B blanket, but I explained and forced them to take application and said let Consuler decide.
They accepted my application and I received my Visa within 4 days.


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Congratulations @Shrepa1182. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Thanks Shrepa1182 for sharing your experience. I am also currently in the same situation and may need to convince VFS while processing for dropbox eligibility. Can you please help what explanation u gave to VFS to convince them to take your application? I know it is a big convincing skills you need to have to do that, but as a key pointers to highlight during discussion will be helful.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Anil_Gupta I’m in the same situation right now. I used the app you linked and it’s telling me that I’m not eligible because L1 Blanket and L1 Individual are different categories. Moreover, on the interview scheduling website, the question they ask is “Do have a previous L1 visa (Individual Intra Company transfer)?” which makes me believe I should answer no. I’ve already booked the dropbox appointment but I’m having second thoughts, and wondering if I should cancel that and schedule an interview. Any suggestions?

Hi. Rohitam. Were you able to renew through Dropbox?

@Shrepa1182 My Initial visa was L1B blanket & extension got approved in L1B Individual.i saw you also had the similar case & got your stamp via dropbox.

Can you please let me know the documents you submitted for L1B stamping using dropbox?
I129S - Do we need to submit this at POE or at the dropbox

Hi Rohitam,
I am in the same situation, L1 blanket to L1 individual extension.
Can you please let me know if your case went through fine with drop box option ?