Is it too late to apply H4 EAD when DHS is ready to withdraw EAD?

I am here in the USA on a H4, my wife is working on a H1B. is it too late to now apply for a H4EAD? will they honour applications that are submitted before any final decision?

Hi @peter_titchener

No, it’s not too late. There is no final decision or rule out yet by DHS.

They are working on the decision and till they finally publish it, H4-EAD can still be applied and people are getting approved for it.

I would strongly suggest to apply for H4-EAD as soon as possible, if you planning to do so.

Currently, the EAD applications are taking more than 5.5 months to get decision.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you Anil, I will apply now and hope! life is very boring on a H4 when you have had a very active work life

Yep and I agree. This EAD is in infact better than H1B as it has no work restrictions whatsoever.

All the best.

Here is a pre-filled form and step by step guide for filing H4-EAD for your reference: