Indian address proof for Indian passport renewal in USA - Document List

Any one of these Remark
Any Indian utility bill (Electricity/ gas/ water/ landline telephone bill) Must NOT be older than 3 months
Aadhar Card
Indian Drivers license
Recent Bank Statement from Indian Government bank. Front page required. Should have affixed photograph.

Sample SBI (State bank of India’s) passbook with photo affixed

My address on the old passport and Aadhar card are different so can I post my Aadhar card for Indian address proof?

I am renewing my Indian passport.
Can I use my Aadhar card as Indian address proof to get the Indian address printed on new passport?

Indian Address Proof – Yes, you can post Aadhar card.

Hi Anil,

My old passport has my Indian old address from where my parents moved 6 months back. So, I don’t have any Indian address proof with my parents latest address as I didn’t go to India recently. I have to renew my passport now in USA. Is it ok to leave the old Indian address for now and renew it now ? And reissue for new passport after I get some new Indian address proof ? Or will it be an issue to renew it now with old address if I don’t want to change ?

You should be able to renew passport with old Indian address.

I usually suggest to get US address printed as it is easier and does not affect anything.

Thanks for the response Anil. Even the US address in which I’m living now is a rented apartment. So, I might shift to some other place in a year. Is it ok to get this address printed on my passport which will be valid for another 10 years ?

That does not make any difference as the Indian passport can only used as an ‘address proof’ only in India.

Hi Anil,

Do I have to submit Indian Address proof for passport renewal, if I want to get USA address printed on my passport ? or submitting USA address proof is sufficient ?

Hi @kashyap_perla

Please read details about Indian passport renewal.

It has answers to all your questions.

Thanks for the response.

Hi Anil,

On my current passport which is expiring, My Parents names are in the format “ Surname Firstname “. But the Government NRI passport Application has it printed “FirstName Surname”. And, I selected “No” for Miscellaneous Service “Correction of Spellings in Parents Name” on CKGS website. Will this create an issue? I have sent my documents package to CKGS 2 days back. TIA

Hi Anil,
I do not have a valid address proof for the new Indian Address that I want to change to and thus I’ll have to prefer a US address but I don’t have a permanent US address as well as I live on rent. Is it okay to provide a non-permanent US address? Is that easy to change in the future if needed?

Your current US address can be used. It can be a rental home or apartment address.

The word permanent does not mean that you have to buy a house.

What happens if my passport already expired and my H1b got approved. But i dont have stamped H1B visa. Still i can apply with out issues??