I94 extension for E3D visa - shorter expiry than E3 primary i94

I have a similar situation. I am on E3 visa and my wife is on E3D visa. Our visa and I 94 is out of sync now. My e3 visa expire on April 2021 and her visa expire on January 8th 2021. Her I-94 expire January 6th, 2021. Hopefully instead of making appointment and going to US consulate to extend the actual visa stamp, we can go to CBP/SENTRI and extend her I94 to match with mine. Do you agree ? Do you think if I go now 11 months before i94 expire, they might reject ? They might think there is plenty of time to renew i-94 and come back later.

Hi @Mallawa_Perera

Do you know the reason of short i94 expiry for your wife? Was her passport expiring earlier than visa validity date?

Her passport is good for another 9 years. just after we both got our visa renew in January 2019. I found a new job in April 2019 and She didn’t go out of the country with me to attend the consulate interview.

She was busy with finals. She still has e3d visa stamp under my former employer which expire in January, 2021.
The reason i want to this faster, Her EAD expire in January 2021. It took 5 months to issue her Ead card last year. Thanks

Hi @Mallawa_Perera

You can visit the border and get the new i94 based on your primary E3 visa expiry date.

Thanks.@Anil. Do think it is better to go with 180 days bracket before her visa expire ? Even If I get it done now
I cant apply for EAD extension because It has to be 180 days before her EAD expire. It expire on January, 2021. BTW I had opinion from two Immigration lawyers. One of them told me it is not possible to renew i-94 at border, I must go to consulate.

The other one told me it is possible but it is not guaranteed. But she also told me I can extend her EAD based on her i-94 expiration date. This is the only forum I found someone actually got it done.

I have been on E3 since 2010 and still so much to learn. I will update my experience. Once again thanks for your prompt reply and helping the community.

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Not sure. What is your thoughts on Applying Multiple EAD extensions ? I need to apply EAD card extension in early July this year to extend from January 2021 to April 2021 and again another extension from April 2021 to April 2023. based on i-94 extension successful for my wife on earlier trip and in 2nd trip my Visa renewal successful on 2nd trip which will be in early November this year. Do they deny If apply fro EAD extension before 180 days ?

Hi @Mallawa_Perera

USCIS will send back the EAD application if you apply 180 days before current one’s expiry.

I don’t understand your question.

Current EAD card expire in January 6th 2021.

There will be two EAD extensions (first one will file early August and 2nd will file in early November 2020) I need to apply within 4 months interval this year.

Since it takes 6 to 7 months to receive the ead card after filing the i-765.

I highly doubt first EAD extension will approve and we will receive her new EAD card before she applies for her second EAD extension which can be done earliest in November 2020.

Once we renew our Visa for another two years in early november. My visa expire in April 2th 2021. Multiple EAD Extensions processing at USCIS

You can file as many applications as you want.

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Is that okay to go on Saturday for i-94 extend at border ? or Is there any advantage on weekday ? I know weekend tend to be busy at the border.

Hi @Mallawa_Perera

I am not aware of any issues with going on Saturday except the crowd.

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