I-539 COS H4 to F1

(Arjun) #1

Hi Anil,

My wife is filing I-539 form for COS from H4 to F1. Could you please answer following:

  1. She doesn’t need to file I-539A supplement form, as she is the only applicant, right?
  2. What should be the Travel document number? Passport number or should i leave it blank?
  3. Should i check on “If you were granted duration of stay (D/S)”?
  4. Do i need to send notarized Financial Affidavit stating that I will be sponsoring her education?
  5. For the proof of her education and living expenses mentioned on I-20, can i show my Stock/Shares statement along with bank statement?
  6. What name should i give in Money order for USCIS?
  7. Should I make money order for $455 ($370 for I-539 and $85 for Biometrics) or 2 money orders for each?
  8. What is the correct address where i need to send the whole package? On website there are 2 different addresses for Texas?

I would really appreciate your help here.


(Anil Gupta) #2

Each i539 application needs to have i539A.

Travel document number is your passport number.

Fees and mailing address should be as per instructions mentioned on i539 form.


(Arjun) #3

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

You said each i539 application need to have i539A. But my wife (H4) is the only one who is filing the change of status form, why does she need to file i539A supplement form?

Could you please answer - Should i check on “If you were granted duration of stay (D/S)”?


(Anil Gupta) #4

How do I know if your wife was granted Duration of Stay or not? You should know it.

I think you can file only i539 in that case. Sorry, i think i assumed that you have a kid too.


(Arjun) #5

Thanks for your reply.

My wife is on H4 visa valid till August 2020. Now she is filing COS to F1. What is exactly duration of stay mention in the form? Is it for H4 or F1?


(Anil Gupta) #6

It is normally for F1.