I-539 COS H4 to F1 - is I-539A supplement form required?

Thank you. Wish you speedy update.

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

My wife;s classes startes from Aug 24, and still she had not received her I-797. Could you please let me know the reason and what should we do?

Hi @arjun22

You should call USCIS and ask for the reason of delay. You should have received the i797 by now.

@Anil_Gupta - How and where to contact USCIS? Can you share the number?

Hi @arjun22

Its available on USCIS website.

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Hello anil and arjun,

Did you have i140 approved at that time when filing F1 COS for your wife. What is the granted duration of stay to mention h4 validity date or f1 if f1 please tell me where to get this info.

Do i need to mail my application to Texas dallas lockbox and they will send it to other service center or based on my location (michigan) need to send it to Nebraska center.

Please tell me how biometrics work. Thanks.

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Hi @Saranya_Sowrirajan

Your questions are confusing. You have to ask to-the-point and clear questions to get any meaningful response.

You have to choose the mailing address based on form i539 mailing instructions.

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Hi Arjun,
I am applying for COS from H4 to F1. Can you please let me know the answers to below questions:
“If you were granted duration of stay (D/S)”?
Do I need to send notarized Financial Affidavit stating that I will be sponsoring her education?
For the proof of her education and living expenses mentioned on I-20, can i show my Stock/Shares statement along with bank statement?

Thank You!