H4 Extension was not processed with H1B premium

Filed H1B, H4 Extension, H4 EAD together in premium

We filed H1B extension, H4 extension and EAD for my spouse at the same time under premium processing on May 15, 2018.
H1B got approved within a week.
After a week, we were informed that H4 premium fee was returned mentioning that H4 extn shall be considered under usual process and premium process is no longer valid for H4 extn.

What is H4 Extension and H4 EAD normal processing time?

Request your views/inputs as when can we expect H4 extn in this case?
Also, H4 EAD process-time-countdown shall be considered from application date or after the day H4 extn gets approved? GOOD DAY and Thanks.

H4 extension processing time

At time, H4 extensions are taking about 8-10 months.

H4 EAD processing time starts after H4 extension. Approval?

Normally, if you apply all 3 i.e. H1B, H4 and H4 EAD together in premium, like you did, all 3 are approved in premium timelines.
But, this is not guaranteed as H4 and H EAD are not eligible for premium services.

USCIS does it as a courtesy and it is based on their discretion to extend the premium processing to H4 and H4 EAD too.
In your case, they probably decided to not do it. That’s is sad and has nothing to do with your application.

It’s just current political scenario that’s behind these decisions.

Anyway, the USCIS officialy says that H4EAD application process timeline will start only after H4 extension has been approved.
So, you can work out the timelines accordingly.

In this case also, I have see many people get their H4-EAD processed immediately after H4 extension was approved with negligible waiting time.

But again, that dependent on the specific USCIS employee working on your case.
If he/she puts your H4-EAD case at the back of the #usa:h4-ead queue, then it may take usual time, which today is about 5+ months :frowning: