Form 80: Add all short and long visits to all countries?

This is regarding form 80.
section 18 International travels.
We are in US but have visited India few times. Do we need to mention that visit as well.
Also been to UK for 5 days - This i am assuming to be mentioned Pls confirm.

like will below screenshot is correctly filled

or simply remove India visit and leave USA and UK visits only

I really have no words to appreciate your time and efforts replying to us.

It is better to add all visits to each country no matter how short they were.

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and what if we are short of rows :wink:
short of 2 rows in my case

You can add extra plain paper, write and scan.

What i mean is;
Print the Form 80’s additional information section, write on it and then scan.

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When i will be uploading the form.
I will keep exact same sequence of pages i.e. will be uploading “section 18” overflowed information going to “additional information section”.

Yes. That’s correct.

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