Update form 80 after child is born - 189 visa application pending

Form 89: section for children.

We are expecting baby in Feburary. Do we need to fill this form 8 again that time to add newborn’s information.

Form 80: Dependent is migrating with primary

when husband will fill the same form (wife is primary applicant)
that time in spouse details after mentioning the details will husband need select yes for option “will be migrating with you”. I mean technically husband is migrating with her and already mentioned in her form 8 ?

Upload New Form 80 after child birth

Yes, you will need to update the form 80 and upload it again after child birth.

There is an option in the Australian immiaccount to notify visa case officer about your life changes or situation changes after you have already lodged your application.
Choose that option and provide details about your newly born child.

It is VERY important to add your child as soon as he/she is born to include him/her for PR.

Child cannot travel with you to Australia if his individual PR is NOT filed and approved.

Form 80: Dependent should say yes to migrating with someone

Say yes and fill your primary applicant details.

Child cannot travel with you to Australia if his individual PR is NOT filed and approved.

yeah our plan is we will fill all the details and upload forms, pay fees. (yet to accept the invitation)
and will leave Medical certificates only (will complete this when baby is born) and that time will update our application to include him/ her.
When CO will be assigned will let him/ her know that this is the situation and Hopefully our application will be put on hold.

Hey @Anil_Gupta,
we have uploaded all the docs, except health check.
Should we wait for CO to be assigned and then wait form him/ her to query us why we are delaying HC? Is this the correct way so that CO can defer the case or we shd notify them ourselves even before CO is assigned.

Your application is actually kept on HOLD until you submit your health results.
So, a CO will not be assigned until the health examination result are attached.

My suggestion is to select the ‘pregnant’ option while filling form for generating HAP ID and then go ahead with the instructions.

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hey @Anil_Gupta,
Do u have any step by step guide how to get this done.
what will be the nearest place for us to get this done. Also I am assuming I will also go later with extended family :slight_smile: later for the examination.

You mean the health check up?

First generate HAP ID:

And then use this guide:

You have to find nearest authorized health check up center and get it done.


  1. do u have any link ? where we can get this exam done in dallas
    on official site its giving Only houston address in Texas.

  2. Another question:
    as u suggested I have selected pregnant for my wife and generated HAP id for both of us.
    is that it ? or shd we visit for examination ?

Austria Health check up in Dallas

Check with them (Dallas). They used to be authorized center and their details were visible on Australia site 2 months ago. Not sure if they are still authorized or not.

Check before you pay anything.

Medical test for pregnant women

You have to visit for examination and there, they will suggest what all examination can be done.
I think for pregnant woman only x Ray will be skipped and all other tests can be performed.
Doctor will advise at the clinic on what all can be done.

got it
so we go there with HAP ID and our doctor’s letter for wife.
hopefully all other exams will be done and we upload the reports too on immi portal except X-ray.
Then visit again for X-ray after 3-4 months and boom complete last doc submission ?
all correct steps ?
or simply go to them after baby is born and get all exams done in one shot.

They will suggest how to go about it.

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umm let me rphrase
i wanted to ask if we submit the rest of exams now will our IED will be counted from Dec, 2018
if that is the case won’t it be better that we do after feb (will get 3-4 more months for IED)

It’s your choice.
I suggest to get it done as early as possible. Rest is up to you if you want to strategise.

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