EOI under 190 NSW for 222312 Financial investment manager

(Anil Gupta) #21

I don’t know anybody with same job code at this time.

But, if someone comes in contact at various forums that i contribute to, i will definitely connect you with them.

(Sameer Ralhan) #22

Hi Anil. Got little confused after reading the watsap conversations. For my case particularly you mentioned 70 is the requirement. IS IT INCLUDING 5 POINTS FOR STATE NOMINATION? I mean to ask 70 is the score required including 5 points for state nomination?

(Anil Gupta) #23

Whenever i answer anywhere, i do not add state points.
This is because state points are not added to yoir profile unless state actually nominates you.

For your case also, i am speaking without state points.

(Sameer Ralhan) #24

Which means I would need 70 without 5 from state. Understood.

So 55 from overall assessment and 10 from PTE won’t solve the purpose. I need to secure 20 prom PTE to make it anyway possible.

Is that right?

(Sameer Ralhan) #25

Hi Anil. Do you see any possibility of increasing my score to 70 (without state points) in case I am not able to achieve 20 from PTE.
Is there any other way out that you can think of?

I will get 55 from assessment and 10 from PTE. Just trying to ensure I have minimum of 70 points with state points to secure invite.


(Anil Gupta) #26

All the possible options are available on the calculator here.

Look at the suggestions tab and it suggests what can be done to improve score.

(Sameer Ralhan) #27

I have gone through. Found Nothing that I am not aware about. But it says you can claim 5 points from state but you suggested that it has to be 70 without state points.

(Sameer Ralhan) #28

Isn’t is contradictory?

(Anil Gupta) #29

Its not contradictory. Its the way you are understanding.

When you submit your EOI, you are shown the state points and they are added to your profile. That’s what the calculator is also telling you.

But, when State looks at your profile for selection, they look at the points without adding their OWN 5 points and then send an invite.
That’s what I have said everywhere.

Now it is up-to you to think it as contradictory or straight. That’s the way state nominations work as per my understanding.

(Sameer Ralhan) #30

Thanks for the clarity. Now I understand I need 70 (without state points) to claim 5 points from state for a successful invite. Thanks for being patient Anil. :blush::pray:

(Sameer Ralhan) #31

Hi Anil. What happens if you accumulate 70 points somehow and your occupation is under STSOL list. What are the chances of getting PR under 190 if your occupation is not on the priority list. Financial investment manager 222312. I am being advised to put the application on proactive basis. Not clear about this option

(Anil Gupta) #32

With 70 points, you should be able to get invite.

(Sameer Ralhan) #33

Hi Anil. I was expecting approval from vetasses but to my surprise I got negative outcome for my skill assessment. My last 5 years of experience they say is not highly relevant as I don’t directly manage the clients portfolios however I do it and the same is mentioned cliearly in my cv and other docs.

Not I am editing my cv and resubmitting my case with clearly defined job duties.

I am seeking your help if you could provide me a sample of someone else’s cv for the same job occupation which was accepted with positive approval.

It will help me to rewrite my cv with guidance on what to include and what not. 222312 financial investment manager.


(Anil Gupta) #34

I do not have a sample letter specifically for 222312.

(Sameer Ralhan) #35

Can you suggest me what should be my next action. Any reference would help

(Anil Gupta) #36

Well, i think the only option is to re-write the letter to show what you really work on.


This is very helpful. Some questions:

  1. NSW does not have 222312 in its list of 190 visa, can we still get invitation for the same? My points are 75 without Regional points.

  2. Does the work experience need to be of the same post? I have been a manager for 3 years, but have been working in the industry for 8 years. I have been promoted to this post. So how much experience will be considered?

(Sameer Ralhan) #38

I am also stuck due to the same reason. My skill assessment outcome was negative due to the same reason. I am rewriting my cv again.

(Sameer Ralhan) #39

How do I get in touch with anime123

(Anil Gupta) #40

If 222312 is not available in NSW list, then they will not invite.

The work experience has to match the job code that you have chosen. The work that does not match will not be counted.