EOI under 190 NSW for 222312 Financial investment manager


Thank you Anil. The OP Sameer said that he will be submitting for NSW, but NSW doesn’t have this occupation in the first place. That’s why I wondered. Generally the opportunities are in Queensland, NSW & Victoria states, but none of them are showing availability on ANZSCO. Can we get info whether they offered sponsorship for this in past?

The experience is like this:
Junior Executive
Senior Executive
Portfolio Manager

The official post of Portfolio manager was only in last 3 years, but the as Research executive I worked on similar job profile. Just that after becoming Portfolio Manager, I started managing money. Before that, I was doing most of the stuff I am doing right now. So will the experience be counted as only 3 years? Or is it counted as long as the job code requirements match with responsibilities, irrespective of the title of the post held?

Thanks for your patience.

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Hi @NowAndForever

I am not well versed in the specific day to day job details for portfolio management and hence can’t really say.

But, the way assessment company evaluates is they try to match your letters with the Job code you choose.

Only the work experience that matches is counted and rest is marked as ‘non relevant’.

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Hi, why do say that 222312 is not on the list. It is very much there in STSOL 190 NSW. I had submitted documents for my skill assessment under the same code in December 2018. I can to know yesterday that it was negative with the following comments.

Reason of Negative : According to information provided, your employment in the last five years was focused on recommending and selling banking products to various client groups. It is not apparent that you possessed direct discretionary management of clients monies for investments to generate income and profit over an agreed period of time. Therefore, your employment was assessed to be not highly relevant to the nominated occupation.

Dear Anil,

My previous for the first 6 years was accepted as in the same organization however I got promoted and taken charge for managing a team who are doing portfolio managaement, this experience they found not relevant. I am going to rewrite my cv clarifying that I am still directly managing the clients and doing the same role as required.

Do you think it will work?

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As i said, i am not best person to judge in your area of work.
Only assessment company can assess it.

At this time, you only have the option of fixing the reason that they gave for negative result.

You can fix and apply again to see if it comes out positive.


Sameer: on ANZSCO websit under state-wise search, it is not showing available for NSW. Where are you getting the NSW STSOL list from?

All the best for your review of VETASSESS.

(Sameer Ralhan) #46

Hi Anil, while my agent is in the process of resubmitting my case for reassessment after adding additional duties that I perform in accordance with the occupation requirement

I am also thinking of hiring an advocate based in Australia to review my case and guide me further since they are the experts.

That’s my personal view since I am desperate to get this done and can’t afford to loose it. Would you recommend this opting or shall I just stick to basics and resubmit the file like normal.

I was thinking may be an advocate can push this through. Seeking your advice please

(Anil Gupta) #47

I am not sure what an advocate would do in your case?

(Sameer Ralhan) #48

Hi Anil, do you also have expertise in suggesting the suitable occupation based on my credentials? Was just thinking in case if don’t get a positive outcome in the review, would you be able to suggest me the most suitable alternative ANZ occupation code if I share my CV with you.

If you can’t who would be the best person to suggest on those lines.

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Hi @Sameer_Ralhan
I can’t suggest the job code for non-IT jobs.