EOI under 190 NSW for 222312 Financial investment manager

Hi Anil

Found your writings useful and relevant. I will be submitting my EOI under 190 NSW for 222312 Financial investment manager in April.

I am expecting 55 points Assessment score from vetasses in March.

I am preparing for PTE and confident of 65 or 79 to secure 10 or 20 points based on my pte score.

I will get 5 points for state nomination.

Would like to know what are the chances of getting invite and by when if I secure over all 70 points or if I secure 80 points (depending upon my PTE score)

I am little concerned.

You need 80 points for any realistic chance for invite at this time for ANZSCO code 222312

Thanks. With 80 as score what probability do you reckon for getting invite

You can expect invitation with 80 points in 4-5 months.

I shared the link above which shows the ‘date of effect’ of applications that have received invitations till now.

Anil, do you mind sharing your email I’d please? In case I want to get in touch.

If I have 70 score, would you suggest me to submit EOI or wait until I get to 80? With 70 score what are the chances please?

May I request your email I’d please

Sorry @Sameer_Ralhan, I do not share my email on public forums.

You can either join TruVisa WhatsApp Australia group or ask your question here.

We try to answer at both places with same speed.

I do not think there is any chance of invite with 70 points.

With 80 is it some what sure and guaranteed?

There is no guarantee of anything. I can only help you with estimation.
Cannot give guarantees.

One last thing for understanding please… with your experience and historic results do I stand a fair chance with 80points?

Hi @Sameer_Ralhan
I sincerely think that you are asking the same question again and again by just changing the words.

With my experience and prior data knowledge, i already answered it in first reply to your question:

Thanks Anil for clarity

Hi anil,

What is is your view on this occupation demand. 222312 financial investment manager in NSW. How many invites were sent out in the past. Do you think there are candidates scoring over 80? What are my chances with 80 points

As per the new data, you can expect invite with 70 points.
When did you file your EOI?

Anil are you sure? In the last communication you mentioned no chance with 70. Is it a recent update that with 70 pints on 222312 financial investment manager NSW it is possible?

My vetasses approval is expected in March end with 55 points which means all I need is 65 points in PTE which makes it 65 plus 5 for state nomination to secure total 70. I will submit EOI in April. How many months is the expected time for invite in this scenario?

Is my whole understanding correct about the process?

Yes, new data has been released last week by Australia immigration and i see points required for your job code has gone down to 70 now.

If you file in April, i will suggest the approximate time to invite after you submit as more data will be available.

That’s wonderful. It is such a relief.

Have you come across someone who has received invite at 70 recently? I am curious if the state has requirement for this occupation and they are inviting candidates.