B1b2 visa after j1 visa expired

Hello sir I went to US on Jan 2016 for 1 month on J1 Visa… Now I again want to go US for B1B2 visa… Can I use Dropbox interview waiver program or else what documents required for B1 B2. If I apply again Is visa

No, you are not eligible for DropBox.

Documents required for B1/B2 visa:

Can I apply B1 and b2 together… I don’t have any sponsor now… Previously I had company sponser for J1… Do I need to apply by own…or can I apply j1 without any sponser via drop box

B1 and B2 is same visa.

On the visa stamp, itt is written as ‘B1/B2’.

This means that US embassy has the same visa for both Business (B1) and Tourism (B2).

Your purpose at US airport decides the Visa stamp

When you enter USA, you are asked your purpose of visit at the immigration counter at US airport.

At that time, if you say ‘Business’, immigration officer will stamp and write B1 on your passport.
If you say ‘Tourism’, then he will stamp ‘B2’ on your passport.

Apply B1/B2 yourself without sponsorship

You can apply B1/B2 on your own. Just use the documents mentioned on the above link for yourself. Ignore the sponsorship part.
If you are applying for yourself, you are considered sponsoring yourself.

Sir thanks for your help… I really appreciate…
can I use drop box way if i again go for j1 visa in my case…without any sponsor now…previously I had with company…and now I don’t have…,i have expired j1 visa now… I want to go US

You can check the Dropbox eligibility for you using g this app (it that’s all visa types, only H1B)