Am I eligible for H1b Visa Stamping DropBox facility?

Hi Anil,
Not sure if my question is relevant in this forum but have a query related with drop box facility for visa stamping in India:

Dropbox eligibility after H1B transfer within USA

I have visa stamping from my previous company till Sep-2018 and later last year I joined another company and I have new I-797 till Nov-2019.
I have plan to visit India in next month and planning to get new visa stamped (using new I-797) on my passport.

Am I eligible for drop box facility ?

Also, if I renew my passport first and thn want to do visa stamping then also am I eligible for drop box facility ?


Dropbox eligible after H1B transfer - Yes

Yes, you are eligible for dropbox facility.
Your passport validity or expiry does not make any difference to the dropbox eligibility.

You can check your DropBox eligibility using our easy form:

Also, when you start your visa interview appointment online, the system will ask you these DropBox questions and if you are eligible, it will ask you to OPT for it.
This saves time and money both for US embassy as well as you.