Australian PR - How to apply if already working in Melbourne on 457 visa

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IT Professional working in Melbourne on 457 Visa

I am looking for Australian PR , My wife is an IT professional and will be the Primary applicant.
She is on a 457 visa and working in Melbourne for past 2 years , Nominated occupation on visa - Electrical engineering drafts person

Need your help on how to apply for PR.

How to apply for Skills Assessment?

I know the first step is skill assessment but unable to understand how to proceed on the same and how to select the role.

I have already wasted a lot of time.
Would appreciate your kind response.

Hi @NK26
This is a step by step comprehensive guide on how to get Australia PR with skill based points including the calculator and ACS assessment samples:

Go through it and let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for your kind response.

As mentioned in my earlier mail my wife is working in Melbourne on 457 visa - Nominated job “Electrical Engineer Drafts person”

She has done her MSC (Comp sc) & MCA , But she do not have any Electrical Engineering Degree and 457 issuance process was done by her organization so we have no idea what was the process basis which Nominated job was chosen.

Now I was speaking with someone and was told that first step is to select the role ,so we selected" ICT Security specialist" as the role for her to apply under ACS.

(Need to source Roles and responsibilities letter from her organization) - Kindly confirm if the format you’ve shared on the website is correct and we can request her employer to issue letter in the given format.

The major concern now is We are being told that while we ‘ll be selecting role as “ICT security specialist” there can be an issue in last steps of the PR as the Nominated role on her 457 visa is ’ Electrical Engineering Drafts person’ , Now we are completely clue less and don’t know what to do .

Whether to start the ACS process with ICT security specialist or not ?

request your kind response on the same.



ACS experience letter format

All the information is current including letter format. If you read carefully, Sample ACS report has also been shared that was issued in 2018.

ACS role

Well, it boils down to asking your employer on how they choose electrical role for her 457 visa and what paperwork they submitted.

For ACS, they will only analyze your selected role based on education and what’s mentioned in exp letter.

If the selected ICT role matches 65% with work experience and education, you will get favorable ACS report.

I am not sure if 457 visa role would cause any issue with 189/190 visa role.
As per my opinion, there should not be any issue if you have ACS favorable report.

Dear Mr. Anil,
Thanks for taking out time on a holiday and responding back .
Let me request my wife to speak with her employer and see if can get a response.
Also one more small question, how does the age gets calculated as 33-39 gets you 25 points and 40-44 gets you 15 points
so if someone turns 39 say like in coming January and in February age will be 39 years and 1 month and so on, how many points one gets if someone has a age of 39 years and 1 month or 2 month will it be 25 or 15.

As per my analysis, until you really turn 40, they still count you as 39.

Like 39.1 or 39.5 or 39.9 and so on.

Dear Mr. Anil,
Thanks for your kind response.